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How to choose the chandeliers for KTV room

We could install the two drum chandeliers to light the lights, two side of chandeliers could be connected with parts atmosphere, there are many chandeliers which could be equipped with hall. In the hallway, we could install the crystal chandeliers to light the hallway, at the same time, we could install several wall sconces on two sides, that is romantic and warm.

drum chandeliers

In the small room, glass shade floral chandeliers would be equipped to create the atmosphere, at the same time, beside the sofa, the table lamps could be lighted in corner.

In middle room, two or three glass chandeliers could help us light the room, at the same time, table lamps also could be helpful for the corner.

In the big room, four glass chandeliers could help us light the room, and in corner, several table lamps could light the room.

As to the biggest room of KTV, there are about ten chandeliers could light the room totally. In rest room, wrought iron crystal chandeliers are the best choice.

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Beside Lamps

Bedroom is where we take a rest, get rid of fatigue, and save energy, so the bedroom decoration requirements is to have a warm feeling. In addition to use cooperating the wall paint color and wardrobe color to create a warm feeling, bedroom indoor lighting is also a very important role, so how to buy and configure the appropriate lamps and lanterns is relatively important in terms of bedroom lighting.